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Centraclean specialises in providing a professional internal and external deep cleaning service for industrial warehouses.

High Level Industrial Cleaning

Cleaning at heights can be out of reach for standard industrial cleaning contractors.

We are often able to carry out the work without interrupting our clients’ operational requirements.

Deep Warehouse Cleaning

Our deep interior cleaning is particularly beneficial to food distributors, where it is vital that the warehouse facility is kept as clean as possible.

Exterior Cleaning

Our external cleaning services can help bring a tired looking building back to life. Regular maintenance industrial cleaning with superheated water should be undertaken at least every 3 years to keep the building in good condition.

Evaporator Cleaning

Centraclean UK specialise in Evaporator Cleaning.

We work in both chill and frozen environments in order to ensure that all evaporators are maintained in the best possible condition.

At the same time, we ensure that all the evaporator condensate lines (drains) are thoroughly cleansed.

Warehouse Deep Cleans

When you are saving money on energy by keeping the coolers/evaporators clean in a chilled or frozen environment it makes sense to ensure that the warehouse walls and ceilings are also kept clean, otherwise the dirt will simply be drawn back into the coolers.

If you are a food distributor (especially if you aspire to ISO 22,000) it is vital that the warehouse premises are kept as clean as possible. Routine cleaners will clean the floors and probably up to 2 m up the walls, but without IPAF certification and the extra insurance coverage required they will probably not deal with the high level industrial warehouse cleaning.

Our professional warehouse cleaning service also includes external cladding cleaning which is a deep cleaning service that involves power washing the factory or warehouse cladding, to restore the original appearance.

High Level Cleaning

High Level Cleaning is specialist work, the phrase literally means to clean at high levels, and therefore includes windows, warehouse walls and windows, light fittings, office blocks, roofs, or the inside of factory walls.

Due to the nature of high level cleaning and the dangers associated with cleaning in high and difficult to reach places it is essential that staff have experience and licences to work with the types of machinery involved in accessing these types of areas.

Using ladders is generally a thing of the past and with Health and Safety rules, insurance and regulations in place keeping areas clean and safe are essential in a commercial workplace.

In any food manufacturing facility, it is crucial that debris and contaminants are eliminated from high-level structures.

Our high-level cleaning service is carried out by dedicated teams, who are specifically trained in this work and hold a nationally recognised certificate of competence.


Building Externals – Gutters & Cladding

The exterior cladding of distribution centres need to be thoroughly cleaned at least every three years. There comes a tipping point when if the buildings are left to get too dirty they can never be redeemed. These buildings are valuable assets, and the beneficial owners require them to be kept in a good condition at all times.We offer a comprehensive warehouse cladding cleaning service.

A basic ‘face-lift’ on the exterior of your commercial building can cost comparatively little compared with the huge impact it can have on your business.

We use a variety of cleaning methods, depending on the surface type, to restore a building to ‘as new’


The increasing ferocity of rain storms now days has made managers of large warehouses very aware of how important it is to maintain all roof gutters and siphonic – drain systems in perfect condition if they are not to experience severe ingress of water into the storage areas.  Sludge and even soil with vegetation soon builds up.

All of our operatives hold IPAF certification for the operation of access platforms.

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Our experienced staff are IPAF accredited.   We complete Full Method statements and Risk assessments. 

 Fully insured

 You don’t want to be packing any hazardous materials into your products, that’s why as a packhouse cleaner we use the safest cleaning solutions to prevent contamination to your production line.